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Your Guide On How To Elope

If you're considering having an elopement wedding but not quite sure where to start, browse this guide. I provide fresh inspiration for anyone who's thinking of eloping.

What Is An Elopement Wedding? 

Eloping no longer means running away and getting married without telling anyone. Having an elopement wedding is also more than just saying your vows and signing some papers. 

Eloping has transformed over the years. It is now much more focused on what couples want to do. Elopement weddings can be as personal, intimate, romantic, or alternative as couples want them to be. They are celebrations uniquely planned to each individual couple. 

You've Decided To Elope. What Now?

Planning your special day can feel overwhelming. Especially if you're planning an adventure elopement abroad. Where do you even start? 

Sit down with your partner with a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee. Write down a few things that are most important to you when it comes to your big day. Obviously, getting married is the number one priority, but besides that, what means the most to you? Doing this will ensure you tick all the boxes when it comes to putting your wedding day together. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Elopement 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the logistics and legalities surrounding elopements, read on. I answer some of the most commonly asked questions I get from couples.

I am an elopement photographer with a 150+ weddings behind me. And I am here for you and for helping you create the best day imaginable.

I've got you!

Is an elopement legally binding?

Yes, it is. But there is a bit more to it. And one thing about elopements is that it is quite different than the ordinary wedding - which is kind of the point - but it also means, that is is not always super easy to navigate the logistics. Of course it depends on where you want to elope to. Marriage laws vary from country to country. It is recommended to get information about marriage requirements first before booking any vendors or making travel plans. Of course, if a specific location's rules don't feel right to you, you can still have your adventurous elopement there but simply deal with legalities at another time. 

How do we choose where to elope?

This is the awesome part. You have the choice of almost anywhere you can think of, when you’re planning to elope. Now, I know that it can feel overwhelming, when you have the option of everywhere. But don't worry, I've got your back. We talk about what you dream of and then I will guide you and find some great options for you to choose from. I'll take in account your wishes for scenery, climate, accessibility, privacy, activities and whatever you dream of for your wedding. We work together to create something amazing and uniquely you.

Can we have guests at our elopement?

Absolutely! This is your celebration and you can do whatever you want. Elopements don’t have to be just you and your partner. An elopement wedding doesn’t limit you to not having any guests! A small guest list allows you to have an intimate ceremony and share your marriage with the most important people in your lives. And there really isn't a specific amount of guests, that specifies an elopement versus a wedding.

I however do have a rule of not photographing celebrations with more then 15-20 guests. This is very much about mindset. With too many guests, the focus starts to shift towards the classic and bigger 'production' feel weddings - they can be awesome, but it's not what we try and create here.

What should be included in our elopement ceremony?

Honestly, whatever you want. There are no rules. But if you're looking for some guidance, here are a few examples of things you could include in your  elopement ceremony. 

Saying your vows.
Exchanging rings or any other symbol of your love. 
Hand fasting.
First kisses or dances. 
Any religious or cultural traditions. 
Performing songs, poems, dances or anything else that feels comfortable to you. How about having your loved ones record some words for you and you play them back at the ceremony.

This list is in working progress. 

It begins with a question. If you close your eyes and imagine what your wedding day should look like, what would you fill it with? From the moment you get up, until the moment you go to bed. How does that day look? 

Having total freedom to do whatever we want, often creates a paradox. The paradox of choice. The more we have to choose from, the more difficult it becomes to make that choice. So doing the above 'exercise' is really helpful to create a starting point, before you start googling too much and loose yourself in the possibilities.

Even if you've already been dragged into a 'too many options' mindset, just take a step back and use this exercise to refocus. How does your day look, when you close your eyes and let your mind wander? Good, that's where we're going!

Your elopement is gonna be unique and special to you two. There are no templates or at least there should be no templates, because that defeats the purpose. When you know what the overlying arch of the day is gonna be, then you can start looking for options that fit your vision and gutfeeling.

I have photographed a 150+ weddings and have extensive knowledge and experience in the matter. And I don't see myself as just an elopement photographer; I am also an elopement guide. I don't believe in creating a one-size-fits-all solution. Your are not like anyone else and neither should your wedding be.

I wanna help you unleash the full potential of your wedding day and see beyond any limiting beliefs. I wanna inspire you to create an amazing day. Since your day is special to you two, there are no perfect checklists. But the following is a more general elopement checklist, that you can use as a guideline and inspiration.



Specifically; what season do want to get married in? Do you want the extravagant and beautiful colours of the fall, do you swear to the warmth of summer or perhaps the clear and crisp air and the whites of winter? Or maybe you have a specific date, that you want to get married on?

Time of year

How to elope?

Choose a location

This can also be the first thing you decide. Maybe you know a certain location or you've seen a photo of an awesome place, you want to be your elopement location. And depending on where in the world that is, you pick a date where that location is awesome.


Book a photographer

I would actually suggest, that this will be number one this list. For two reasons: firstly, I can help you with planning and guide you. Secondly, it is fantastic to have the flexibility to make our schedules meet, when you haven't set a date yet.


What are the laws

Do you want to be legally married at your elopement. In that case, you'll need to do a bit homework and familiarise yourself with local laws. What is possible and what do you need? Countries have very different regulations when it comes to marrying non-residents.

An easy solution is to make a short pitstop in Denmark. They have very liberal laws regarding weddings and everyone can marry there.

You also need to be sure if your dream location needs any kinds of permit.

I am here to help and guide, whichever solution you choose.


Other vendors

Now it is time to reach out to any other vendors. Florists, caterers, officiants. Whatever you need to create the day you have imagined. 


The wedding clothes

Time to figure out what you're gonna wear for your elopement. Are you renting or are you buying? Your location will of course determine a lot how your attire will be. Warm or cold. If cold, make sure that you have a warm jacket or shawl, that is also photographable. Maybe some leggings. When warm, keep it lightweight. And you always have to be able to move about in it. Footwear of course is also super important to give extra thought.


Something personal

Bring something that holds meaning to you. If you are just the two of you, a great way to also include your loved ones, is to have them write letters to you, that you can read after your ceremony. Or whatever is your juice.

3 myths about eloping

myth #1
People who elope are people who don't have friends and family.

I sometimes come across the idea, that people who elope are lonely people without a loving network.  The idea is, that somehow the only way that your wedding has value, is if you have a huge party.

That just isn't the case..

A lot of the couples I have worked with have a huge base of people who support their decision. And they might throw a big party later, but they choose to have a different wedding, that is all about the intention, the intimacy and about making it about them and their commitment.

It is about creating a day they can look back at forever, a very special adventure just for them. Without compromises.

myth #2
People who elope just wanna save money.

Well, that really isn't true as a singular reason, nor is it completely wrong, that it can be less costly. Because, either kind of wedding can be low or high budget. You can have a big, traditional low budget wedding with hundreds of guests or you can have a big budget elopement just the two of you. So it is a matter of priority. What is the experience you want?

It is wrong to think, that people elope to save money or that they do not want to invest in their big day. People elope because they want something else. They want to create a beautiful memory that is just about them as a couple, not hosting a big production, being stressed out about planning and execution.

A lot of couples I talk to also state as a reason, that they just don't really want to be the center of a lot of attention. Even if it is from the people they love, being center for some just feels very awkward and uncomfortable.

myth #3
When you elope, it's a quick and meaningless thing.

This couldn't be further from the truth. If anything, it is pretty much the other way around. Couples who elope, are couples who care a great deal about their wedding. They do not follow the trodden path, but want to experience something different, something that is personal for them.

Elopements have no rules. It can be a magical and deeply meaningful experience. Create the most amazing day you can imagine. If you have a whole day, what do you want to fill it with?

You wanna go on a two-day roadtrip through the amazing landscapes of Norway, exploring stunning and beautiful sites. You wanna hike up the Dolomites by the crack of dawn, saying your wows in the mountains as the sun rises. Or go diving in the warm waters of the Mediterranean?

There are no limits. So whatever it is you want to do and however long it takes, it should be what you do. 

Just go for it!


"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose."

- Walt Whitman