be free to have a wedding that reflects who you are and what you love

You do not want the traditional wedding, you want something else, something that is a reflection of who you are what you love.

You don't care about designer stuff and expensive menus. You'd rather spend time, doing the things you love with the ones you love. On your own terms. 

I want you to create the perfect day. A day you fill with the things you wanna do. Things that make you happy. I tag along as the photographer and I assist you in making the day happen. 

My packages are meant to suggestive, they are open. When we plan you day, we figure out exactly what it is you need, in order to have the day you dream of.

Information and pricing

Getting Married In Denmark


I have worked with Getting Married in Denmark for a few years now. The reason is simple. I wanna work with the best. And the whole team behind GMiD are super professional and dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their clients.

And then they are just nice and kind people, which in my book is even more important. 

elopement packages Denmark

The wast beaches, the rolling hills, the endless fields, the woodlands. The old towns and modern city landscapes. Nature feels or urban vibes. Whatta you wanna do?

Think about the experience you want. What do you enjoy to do and then create your day around that.

Do you like to do things together?
Do you have fun together?
Do you like to kick back and just be yourselves?
Should that not be the kind of photos we create then?

Get in touch for
information & availability

Elopement essentials

Location scouting
Timeline assistance
Local vendor suggestions
Online gallery w. unlimited download
All travel included (DK)


Included in all my elopement packages

Package o1

6 hours of coverage
Can be split in two, with a break in the middle of the day

Beautiful wooden box with 100 prints

plus collection essentials

Package O2

4 hours of coverage

plus collection essentials

Package O3

2 hours of coverage

plus collection essentials

900,- euro

1.620,- euro

2.250,- euro

Popular choice

This is never about modelling or posing

It's about fostering that connection that exists between you to create a mood and make something honest and real

I have long and short sessions

I shoot short & long sessions. The long sessions include more documentary photography, storytelling and time for chilling, hanging out and experiencing the day.
The short ones are more about making portraits.

Spend the day having fun
not posing for photos

How many hours are right for you? See some timeline examples for inspiration.

Contact me and schedule a free call. We can talk about the options and find the right fit for you.

Elopement Package O4

Exclusively for GMiD clients, I offer 1 hour of coverage.
I do this accommodate for the recession, that is affecting us all. This way, you still have the option to have your special day photographed, even if you budget is tight.

Collection essentials are included.

540,- euro

What's it like working with me?

Kirstie & Klaus

My husband and I eloped this past Summer on the island of Ærø. Tears of joy swell in my eyes when I look at our wedding photos. Just WOW! The intimacy, excitement, and absolute joy that Kim captured between us leaves me speechless. Hire Kim as your photographer. You will not regret it!

I can't say enough about how amazing our experience was with Kim, and honestly, talking about it does not do it justice. You have to experience working with him. Not only is Kim one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet, but Kim also has a talent for capturing pure, authentic moments between people. Trust him, and you will feel at ease in front of the camera and get some pretty epic photos in return.

Signe & Marie-Michelle

We had the best and most amazing time with Kim on our big day in Kolding. We couldn't stop talking about how great he was, how comfortable we were with him and how beautiful the pictures turned out to be. He was a very calm presence which was most needed since it was our first time in front of a camera.

He made us laugh, played some of our favorite music and managed to get amazing pictures out of a very nervous couple on their big wedding day.

We highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants their special day immortalized by a kind, caring and very funny guy. We had high expectations for our wedding pictures when we saw his work, and somehow he managed to exceed them anyways ❤️

JOsefine & Michael

Kim was the perfect photographer for our elopement. His kind nature and passion for photography made us feel comfortable during the photoshoot. He was easy to communicate and coordinate with and was flexible and accommodating. Kim was able to capture the love, emotion, and beauty of our wedding day and we will cherish the photos forever. We couldn’t recommend Kim more!

Jamie & Mitch

Given that we made the decision to elope, not tell a single person that we were going to get married, it was important to us that our day was documented and the end results surpassed anything we could have hoped for. The photos are incredible and they truly captured the memories that we wanted to take from the day.

We were lucky that we had the perfect weather, the perfect backdrop of the beautiful island of Ærø (those beachhuts!!) and the perfect photographer and friend for the day! It was a pleasure to share the day with Kim. For two people that have a strong dislike for having our photos taken, he made us feel so comfortable and most of all, he made it fun!

We turned up, did it DIY style and took some risks. Having spoken to Kim before and seen his other work, having him along for the ride was definitely not a risk and we were absolutely right. We'll be forever grateful for Kim's help, his photos and the memories....

Lucy & Nick

We hired Kim for an elopement to Ærø and had a fantastic time and got fantastic photos (a whole range, from ones capturing emotions to silly ones).

We are pretty laid back and his vibe totally matched ours. He’s a great communicator and very responsive, so you won’t be left wondering when you already have plenty on your plate :)

Tip: wear shoes you can move in to get to some of the best locations - we went in a great walk and had some lovely photos on the cliffs!

Olivia & Dan

My husband and I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a photographer - wedding or otherwise. He has a unique talent for capturing couples at their best and most natural. He is prompt at answering questions via email and we received our photos in good time.

Kim, you were the perfect (and only!) guest at our wedding. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as our photographer and almost a year later we are still in awe of how perfectly you captured our day. We look forward to catching up with you again one day to capture another special occasion. Tak!

Sarah & Kurt

We are so happy that we chose Kim as our wedding photographer! It was a lot of fun to have him be a part of our day and we absolutely love the resulting photos - they are and will be splendid memories of a memorable day.
We found Kim and thought immediately: Wow, cool guy (the fact that he liked chocolate a lot and stated this on his web page made me like him immediately)! The next thought: This is quite a bit of money, is it worth it? Also, a stranger at our intimate two-person wedding? Fortunately we answered both questions with a yes.

It was like a friend taking our pictures, just way more competent (sorry, friends). It was so easy to chat with him and it did not feel awkward to be in front of his camera.. We both do not really like being photographed in general, but this was very different, it was fun!
When we look at the photos, we are transported back to the dunes and the sea, and we really feel the happiness of this day.

Michelle & Hendrik

My husband - wow still feels unreal to say that! - and I had so much fun shooting with Kim during our elopement! I still look at the photos everyday and just wish we could go back to those moments. Kim has an amazing talent for creating a relaxed atmosphere and capturing the most intimate and joyful moments. No posing, no awkward direction - just us being us. At some point we really just forgot he was there and just hung out and enjoyed being together. The photos really show that! We love them so much - the minimal and romantic editing, the vibes and just everything!

Irish & Kristine

From the get-go, we fell in love with Kim's body of work. When we reached out to him, he met us virtually to have a lovely chat. We knew that getting married in a foreign land means we're going in blind, but Kim was kind and patient in answering any of our questions even before we met. To our delight, he is as equally pleasant in person.

As a couple who is normally awkward in photos, he made us feel that we can just be ourselves. Looking back, we don't remember trying too hard; we just remember how much fun we've had.

We are thankful to Kim and we are glad that we have trusted him to be with us during our special day.

Cecilie & Lasse

I became acquainted with Woodland Diaries many years ago at my brothers weeding. The pictures they received were some of the most beautiful and captivating I had ever seen. Additionally, it was very clear from talking to my brother that the corporation with Kim had been extremely pleasant from the very first meeting.
 Kim is kind and professional and we felt that we were in goods hands from the very first moment we met him.

Kim was not just our wedding photographer, but also a part of the party and the wedding in general. He managed to capture every single unforgettable moment of the day in priceless beautiful pictures. The timeless value and happiness that Kim has created for us is beyond what we could have ever hoped for. He is truly a passionate, driven and talented photographer, that take great pride in his craft.


I found Kim through extensive online research. After several photographers I finally landed on his webpage and knew we had found our photographer.
Classy and cool!
When we met Kim in person - on our wedding day - it felt like meeting an old friend. He is super easy going while at the same time funny and professional. That helped us a lot not to feel weird or stiff in front of his camera. We could relax and just let him steer us to wonderful places to take pictures while focusing on us and our special occasion. It definitely was the most natural and fun photo session we ever had. I never had the feeling like acting for the photos.
We got the first bunch of photos just a few days later and were so amazed by how well the entire atmosphere was captured. I could travel back in time when looking at them. Back to that sunny August day on our Danish beach wearing my wedding dress and feeling ultra happy about being married to the love of my life.

01: First we talk...

Do we hit it off? You gotta be sure, that I am the right fit for you and that it feels right in the gut. And I gotta be sure, that you know what it is I do.

And then it's just nice to talk with one another instead of sending back and forth mails.

A photographer ain't just a photographer. We do different things and move in different ways, so let's make sure we are aligned.

We chat, we laugh and we just get to know each other...

02: Then we plan...

We're a great match and you want me to photograph your day.

After you book me, you get suggestions for locations and timelines.

We'll share a document with all relevant info that we both can edit, so we' can stay in sync.

03: And Then we have fun...

We made some kick-ass plans and now it's time to have a blast.

This is unadulterated, easy AF, quality time together.

It's not about me making you super posy and awkward, I won't force anything on you.

I'll do a mix documentary and directed photography, but all based on your jazz. If you're silly, goofy, shy, stylish. Whatever makes you you, that's our base.

My mission is to make it fun and comfortable for you.


What's gonna happen?

Contact me


One more thing:

"I don't give a sjit about perfection,
 I want to capture emotion!"



What if we don't know at the time of booking, how many hours we would want?

That is absolutely not a problem. In fact, that is most likely the case. Because the planning very often will take place after the booking. That's where I send you a questionnaire, to get to know your dreams and wishes. That's where I create ideas and suggestions for your wedding day, based on the questionnaire and what you've told me so far. And from those suggestions and ideas we create your personal timeline.

When we have our initial phone call, we talk about the options too and we can narrow it in. If you there are not sure how many hours, I suggest you book the smaller package. That will lock your date and then you can upgrade your package once we create the final timeline. 

What can a day look like?

What are we gonna be doing for a whole day?




Here's the thing. Anything is possible. There are no rules, no supposed to's. 

  • Do you dream of beautiful nature
  • Do you wanna have a sunrise first look
  • Do you see yourself saying your vows in a roboat on a misty forest lake
  • How about biking, boats, scuba diving, having a picnic, seeing the sun going down, setting up a party for your closest friends later in the day
  • Or do you want to spend your day exploring an amazing city. Enjoying cafés, experiencing food markets, eating wonderful street food

You don't need to know these things already. you just know that you want something else. i am here to help you figure out what that is and make it happen.

Contact Me and let's talk options

Here you find answers to the most common questions regarding my wedding photography. I do not tackle the big questions here, such as pineapple on pizza or butter under Nutella. We can always talk about the bigger things when we shoot.

frequently asked questions

I don't pose you. But I am constantly talking to you and giving you directions or little things to do, maybe small adjustment. I'm not leaving you to figure it out yourself. I've got you. But I don't want it to be super posy. When you are having fun and feel safe and comfortable, your love shines through and I get real honest emotions and beautiful pictures of the real you.
I lend from the documentary genre and shoot what unfolds, but trying to be as invisible as possible.

How do you work?

I hear that all the time from clients. And after the shoot they are all like: "This was just so much fun and not awkward or uncomfortable at all!" For me it's all about trust and having that easy going vibe. And trust me, it's gonna be awesome and you should just think of it as a freakin' fun date!

We feel awkward getting our photos taken.

The timeframe depends on the season and how busy I am. I usually anticipate 8-10 weeks for delivery of the finished images. You do however get a Sneak Peek within a week.

What is my turnaround?

No, absolutely not. All my work includes a beautiful online gallery, from where you can send, share and download as often as you want. You can download it low-res ready for online use or hi-res ready for print.

Do we have to pay extra to own the photos?

Yes, I edit them. No, I never deliver unedited pictures. Part of what I do, is selecting the right pictures to tell your story, in the best way possible. And I am good at what I do, so the only images that do not make the cut, are duplicates and testshots.

Do you edit the photos and can we have or buy the unedited?

That depends somewhat on the circumstances. How much of the day am I a part of, but also the weather, plans for the day, location, etc. As a guideline, I usually shoot between 30-50 images pr. hour I am with you.

How many images do we get?

Transparency is a key factor for me. So I always try to let the couples know, if others have interest in the same date. And then it is simply a matter of who signs the contract first, I cannot hold the date. It is not possible to reserve a date, but I always try to let you know.

What do you do, if you have more requests for the same date?

You just send me a mail through the contact form and I’ll get back to you. We then have a talk and if we wanna you wanna proceed, I send you a contract. When the contract is signed and the first 50% of the fee is payed, the date is locked to you.

We wanna book you, what do we do?

I take care of my own travel. All travel fee ins included, as long as I can get there by regular train and 2W car. Overlay in a standard hotel is also included when you book two day packages.

What about travel expense and accommodation?

The sooner, the better! Some weddings and elopement are booked a couple of years in advance, other book me with a months notice. So even if you think you are too late, ask. It just might be...

How soon can we book you?

You deserve it all!

You deserve so much more than the one hour hit-and-run photo session. I hear couples say, that it's just a small ceremony and they don't think they can go all in. ANd it breaks my heart.

This is your wedding, you deserve to make it a fantastic and epic adventure!

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"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose."

- Walt Whitman