Until I got my first inquiry on a Friday wedding, I hadn't really given it much thought. It was such an integral part of my mindset, that big weddings had to be held on Saturdays. But that is far from the truth and since I’ve shot many fantastic Friday weddings.

Friday weddings

The possibilities of an open mind...

Friday weddings, is that a thing? Yes it is and it even comes with some big advantages.
Let me first mention one of the heavy reasons, why Saturday weddings for many seems to be the only option. The guests, will they come on a Friday? Both the locals and the travellers. And let me tell you: your friends and family will happily take the day off to celebrate you. And if you choose to have a late ceremony - see my timeline article - many can take just a half day of. In all the friday weddings I have shot, people not coming has never been an issue. And, they have the whole weekend to enjoy themselves and travel back home.
So now that we have that out of the way, let's now talk about the upsides.

The venues

Many of the popular venues can be booked far in advance. Maybe a year or two. Sometimes even more. That's quite surprising to many couples. And they then go with the second or third choice. But the chance that you can have your dream venue increases a lot, if you opt in Fridays as a possibility.
And this of course also goes for florists, stylists, planners, photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, bands, dj's, videographers, bartenders...


Maybe you wanna take charge and do the decor by yourself. And you can be lucky to gain access the day before, but often the popular venues have an event on Fridays, so with a Saturday wedding you can't get access until very late Friday or early Saturday. That can be a challenge. When you have a Friday wedding, you can often get more access Thursday. For some that might prove to be a big advantage.

Quality time

Having your ceremony later, means you have time. That is valuable. Time to relax and enjoy the day. Spend the early day with your bridesmaides and groomsmen, maybe going out to eat a great brunch or whatever is important to you, to spend quality time. Getting ready sipping mimosas and having a beer and then go to that special place to have a First Look and shoot portraits. Arrive to your venue in good time for the ceremony... Have the day spread out with no rush. This of course goes back to the design of your timeline.

a kickass party and a long weekend

If that's your thing, then this is almost a no-brainer. Saturday weddings are longer and when you hit party hour, some guests are already a bit tired. If you start later on Friday, then you can party right all night. Make it one of those legendary nights, where the sun comes up as you climb into bed. Happy. With a two day recovery weekend ahead. (Niice) And the following morning-after-brunch can be enjoyed without any sunday gotta-get-ready-for-monday rush.

Depending on the ceremony you choose, your day will of course differ. Read my post about ceremonies. And if you want a church wedding, that is also possible on a Friday.
A friend of mine is a priest and I spoke to her and asked her just to be sure and she was like: "Yes, of course. You have to speak to the local priest about it, but that is absolutely an option. And very often the priest is also more than willing to come to you and do the ceremony." This may vary from country to country and between religions, but ask. Don't just think it can't be done.
So there are some pretty good reasons to consider having your dream wedding on a Friday. And almost none that speak against.
Well, maybe Fridays are not for you and that's totally fine. Then you go with Saturday. But at least now it's a choice.