Does it worry you – the idea of being photographed? When it comes to wedding photography, many couples feel intimidated by the idea of being photographed – being in front of the camera. It’s understandable: you want to look your best, but at the same time, you don’t want to feel awkward or uncomfortable. That’s […]


April 28, 2023

Have a good time being photographed!

Elopement couple having a fun and relaxed time being photographed

Create an adventure around your day with a unique elopement timeline, doing what you love to do with the one you love to do it with! I know it can feel overwhelming, when you are no longer bound by tradition but actually can do what you want to. It’s like streaming. We have all these […]


September 27, 2022

Elopement timeline

bride and groom with dog

Commit. That is what you do. You commit to each other and to a beautiful promise. A commitment ceremony can either be a beautiful addition to your legal ceremony or it can be a stand alone event. Let me take you through it.


September 27, 2022

Commitment ceremony! What is it?


If you’re considering having an elopement wedding but not quite sure where to start, browse this guide. I’ve got some good inspiraton for anyone who’s thinking of eloping. Eloping no longer means running away and getting married without telling anyone. Having an elopement wedding is also more than just saying your vows and signing some […]


September 26, 2022

Your guide on how to elope

couple in the heat of the danish west coast

Denmark is known for being wedding friendly to non-EU as well as EU citizens. Which means as international couples planning an elopement, Denmark is a very easy country to get married in, especially in comparison with other countries. One of the reasons is simply, that the bureaucracy is just not as heavy. As a client […]


September 21, 2022

Planning an elopement in Denmark: Paperwork?

bride and groom getting married. Bride wipes tears from her eyes.

Elopements are on the rise, with more and more couples choosing to ditch the traditional wedding in favor of a more intimate and personal affair. While eloping can be a great way to save money and avoid the stress of planning a big wedding, you need to make sure that your elopement does not harm the environment. This is where leave no trace elopements come in.


June 14, 2022

Leave No Trace Elopement: The Complete Handbook

Wedding couple walking on beach

Deciding to have an elopement wedding doesn’t mean you have to skip getting the wedding dress of your dreams! There’s no shortage of designers or retailers to shop for your perfect elopement ensemble. The best part? An elopement wedding dress can be whatever you want to wear on your big day.


May 29, 2022

Your guide to choosing a wedding dress for your elopement wedding

wedding dress

When you hear the word “elopement,” what comes to mind? For many people, eloping conjures up images of spontaneous weddings in far-flung locales with only a few close friends or family members in attendance. While that may ….


April 9, 2022

Elopement Weddings – What, why, how?

Elopement couple

For decades, people have been arranging elopements and small weddings (those are the labels decided on!). However, with all of the damage Covid-19 has wrought on more traditional weddings, there has been a recent surge in the appeal of elopement weddings and private weddings.


April 8, 2022

The Petite Dictionary For Elopement weddings

Elopement photographer