Copenhagen is a pretty awesome town. As capitals go, it is not the biggest, but it is very diverse and alive and there is something there for everyone. That also goes for photographic preferences. This is a list of places to shoot portraits and candid photos of your day. There is a lot more, this is meant for inspiration and as a guideline.

Copenhagen, Guide

July 4, 2022

Eloping to Copenhagen. A guide to the city.

Wedding couple under tivoli fair

First time I spoke with Clodagh and Ray, I immediately had a good feeling about them. You know, when you get that god feeling in the gut. They were gonna get married in Copenhagen, in Frederiksberg Town Hall and we talked about all the options for things to do, what they liked and…

Copenhagen, Real Elopement

June 3, 2022

Clodagh & Ray // A day in Copenhagen

Love is love is love! I really enjoy when I get to work with a gay couple. Not that photographing them is any different from photographing a non gay couple, but there are places in the world where it is forbidden to get married if you are gay. And there are still a lot of […]

Copenhagen, Real Elopement, Same-sex

March 24, 2022

Chris and Ritchie. A same-sex wedding in Copenhagen.

same-sex couple on square in Copenhagen

It was a summer’s day in Copenhagen.  The weather was warm, even though there was a little rain in the year air. The rain was very light and quiet and it stopped just a little before I was going to meet Laura and Rory in front of Frederiksberg town hall. The city was damp and […]

Copenhagen, Real Elopement

July 2, 2021

Laura and Rory exploring Copenhagen

bride and groom walking on the dock in Nyhavn Copenhagen