I cannot imagine a morning without my coffee and a summer without being at the west coast of Denmark. I am tall and most of the time I have long hair and a big beard. And I am the father of two girls, Alma and Ester, who are the greatest story of my life. I live in the middle of Denmark and I consider myself very lucky to be doing what I do.

I love that my job is all about love. I’m not a sobbing romantic, but the prerequisite for the people who hire me, is love. Come on, how goddamn awesome is that. When I work, I am always surrounded by happy people.

I photograph Love Stories


(fun) Facts

I like chocolate, I really like chocolate

'Casablanca' and 'Along came Polly' are two of my favorite movies

I don't smoke anymore, but I absolutely don't mind if others do

When I drink white wine, I prefer Pinot Gris

I'm very fond of going to the movies alone

I love books, but I always get very tired, when I go to the library

Woodland Diaries is created from a desire to do something that is purely driven by passion. Before I went into business for myself, I was offered a position at an executive level in a store. Career, economy, future secured. So I said no. The passion was missing. The wish to create something and take a deep dive into it. I already had photography, but it really only took form, when I got serious about wedding photography. 
I quickly realized, that it wasn't enough for me, to just get my name on the wall. At first when I shot, it was always in the back of my head, if I would get recognition for these pictures. I shot for me, not for my couples. And I wanted to change that, I wanted it to be an awesome experience for the couples.

This is where Woodland Diaries comes into the picture. Woodland is created for the clients, for the couples. Woodlands core value is to create an experience that is warm, comfortable and welcoming. The primary focus is not just to create awesome and engaging pictures, it is to make you feel safe and in good hands from the very first mail. I'll guide you and be right by your side all through the process with the understanding, that this IS a big deal for you and you haven't done it before. Woodland strives to deliver both experience and products in the very highest quality, so you can enjoy the pictures and memories in generations to come.

It's all about the experience