Just be who you are

DON't waste time doing what you're told you are supposed to do!

Do what you want to do!

You don't see yourselves as rebels. Nor are you against rules or institutions. You just don't feel comfortable when you are put in a box!

Hi, I'm Kim and I feel exactly the same way.
I'm a photographer and I'm here to tell you, that your wedding can be whatever you want it to be.

You don't fit into that particular classic wedding box? Fine!
Neither do I!

Let's make the day about you two and what you want to do! I can help make it happen.

About ME

Do you want to:

Avoid the 'big production' feel and stop stressing about your day

Create something that feels like you two

Relax and enjoy a laid back day of doing stuff that you think is fun 

Have an amazing adventure together



[ tswai·saam·kait ]


Zweisamkeit denotes the intimacy shared between two people, and usually has romantic intimations. It indicates a special kind of shared bond, exclusively between the two. It can be conveyed by the idea of ‘twoness’ or ‘togetherness’.

How does it work?

Just 4 steps to the adventure elopement or intimate, SMALL wedding of your dreams


First we talk. Phone or video.


Reserve your date


We plan. I help.


It all comes together in the best day ever!

This is not a back to back photoshoot. It is about honest, raw, real moments, where you are just being you and you are enjoying yourself,
having a good time.

"We feel awkward and uncomfortable if we have to pose in front of a camera!"

I hear that a lot. And so I'd tell you to look through my website. You won't find any forced, super posy photos. I want it to be fun, laid back and easy going

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badass couples said

Inspiration to create an awesome day

How to Elope 

Info &

My kind of people are...

Kind, open-minded people who are out to enjoy themselves and  who trusts me. Who are laid back and go with the flow, instead of tight scheduled and detail planned.

And kind. Did I mention kind? Always kind.

My way of directing

I don't pose you. I give you directions and tell you what to do. I'll talk to you, lead you, guide you through actions, so it feels like yourselves, natural and 'unposy'.

You never should feel like performing...

I'm just a dude...

"Hey Kim, we wanted to thank you again for being with us on a very emotional and important day! You are an unbelievably cool person to be around and we are glad that we got to spend the first few hours of our family life with you at our side!"

- Yuliya & Fionn

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"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose."

- Walt Whitman