Don't waste time doing what you're told you are supposed to do!

Candid photos of how it felt

Just be who you are

Hi, I'm Kim.

I'm a photographer and I'm here to tell you, that your photoshoot can be whatever you want it to be.

Create a day that makes YOU happy!

I believe that you are all badass individuals and you deserve more than a cookie-cutter photography experience of the next clients in line.

Let's create some awesome wall hangers!

Meet the team

Do you want to:

Avoid the 'big production' feel and stop stressing about your day

Keep it simple and casual

Relax and enjoy a laid back day

Not worrying about photos

Me too! I want you to recognize yourself in the photos

You wanna know what people think?

Kirstie & Klaus

I can't say enough about how amazing our experience was with Kim, and honestly, talking about it does not do it justice. You have to experience working with him. Not only is Kim one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet, but Kim also has a talent for capturing pure, authentic moments between people.

Signe & Marie-Michelle

Kim was a very calm presence which was most needed since it was our first time in front of a camera. He made us laugh, played some of our favorite music and managed to get amazing pictures out of a very nervous couple on their big wedding day. ❤️

Josefine & Michael

Kim was the perfect photographer for our elopement. His kind nature and passion for photography made us feel comfortable during the photoshoot. He was easy to communicate and coordinate with and was flexible and accommodating. Kim was able to capture the love, emotion, and beauty of our wedding day and we will cherish the photos forever. We couldn’t recommend Kim more!

Jamie & Mitch

We were lucky that we had the perfect weather, the perfect backdrop of the beautiful island of Ærø (those beach huts!!) and the perfect photographer and friend for the day! It was a pleasure to share the day with Kim. For two people that have a strong dislike for having our photos taken, he made us feel so comfortable and most of all, he made it fun!

Lucy & Nick

We are pretty laid back and Kim's vibe totally matched ours. He’s a great communicator and very responsive, so you won’t be left wondering when you already have plenty on your plate :)

Olivia & Dan

We would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a photographer - wedding or otherwise. He has a unique talent for capturing couples at their best and most natural.

Sarah & Kurt

It was like a friend taking our pictures, just way more competent (sorry, friends). It was so easy to chat with him and it did not feel awkward to be in front of his camera.. 

Michelle & Hendrik

Kim has an amazing talent for creating a relaxed atmosphere and capturing the most intimate and joyful moments. No posing, no awkward direction - just us being us. At some point we really just forgot he was there and just hung out and enjoyed being together.

Irish & Kristine

As a couple who is normally awkward in photos, he made us feel that we can just be ourselves. Looking back, we don't remember trying too hard; we just remember how much fun we've had.

Cecilie & Lasse

Kim was not just our wedding photographer, but also a part of the party and the wedding in general. He managed to capture every single unforgettable moment of the day in priceless beautiful pictures. The timeless value and happiness that Kim has created for us is beyond what we could have ever hoped for.


When we met Kim in person - on our wedding day - it felt like meeting an old friend. He is super easy going while at the same time funny and professional. That helped us a lot not to feel weird or stiff in front of his camera. We could relax and just let him steer us to wonderful places to take pictures while focusing on us and our special occasion. It definitely was the most natural and fun photo session we ever had.

This is not a back to back photoshoot. It is about honest, raw, real moments, where you are just being you and you are enjoying yourself, having a good time.

"We feel awkward and uncomfortable if we have to pose in front of a camera!"

I hear that a lot. And I'd tell you to look through my website. You won't find any forced, super posy photos. I want it to be fun, laid back and easy going

My kind of people are...

Kind, open-minded people who are out to enjoy themselves and  who trusts me. Who are laid back and go with the flow, instead of tight scheduled and detail planned.

And kind. Did I mention kind? Always kind.

My way of directing

I don't pose you. I give you directions and tell you what to do. I'll talk to you, lead you, guide you through actions, so it feels like yourselves, natural and 'unposy'.

You never should feel like performing...

I'm just a dude...

"Hey Kim, we wanted to thank you again for being with us on a very emotional and important day! You are an unbelievably cool person to be around and we are glad that we got to spend the first few hours of our family life with you at our side!"

- Yuliya & Fionn

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"Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose."

- Walt Whitman